February 28, 2016

Join the Disney Friends Facebook group to enter our contest:

You have a 1 in 10 chance of winning!!!!

We will be giving away 100 copies of the eBook “100 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at Disney California Adventure 2016” as soon as we reach 1000 members.

When we reach 1000 members we will randomly draw 100 member names and give each copy of the eBook. This unique special “Contest Edition” of the book also includes added bonuses not available in the regular retail version:
• A special cover unique to this special contest edition of the book.
• Each eBook personalized with YOUR NAME added to the title page of your eBook.
• An extra section full of the 10 best California Adventure secrets only available in this special edition of the book.

View details on the book here:

100 Things You Don't Want to Miss at Disney California Adventure 2016